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Bangkok Choosing a Hotel – Pratunam District

by Dr. David

Bangkok Choosing a Hotel – Pratunam District

The Pratunam district is famous for its many markets selling clothing and footwear and the renowned Pantip Plaza, specializing in computers and gadgets. This district is very active during the day but quite boring and unpleasant during the evening and night. Pratunam is outdated, cramped, and uncomfortable with problematic sidewalks and known as one of Bangkok’s most air polluted zones. Another problematic issue is transportation. Traffic congestion is a big issue here with traffic jams during the day, especially during rush hour that starts in the early afternoon. There are no Sky Train or subway lines nearby, leaving travelling by taxi as the only alternative means of transport, which means putting yourself at mercy to the traffic jams. In many cases, during afternoon and evening peak hours, taxi drivers refuse to even drive there. Amari Watergate Hotel (Pratunam = watergate) is a renowned hotel in central Pratunam.


I think, in light of its shortcomings, Pratunam is one of less recommended areas to stay in Bangkok. It’s great to visit the markets there, but there is no need to stay in the area, just as there is no need to stay near the famous “Chatuchak” weekend market in order to shop there. It’s best to  visit markets in the morning and afternoon and avoid the rush hour that start around 4 pm.


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