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Bangkok Choosing a Hotel – Phayathai Street

by Dr. David

Bangkok Choosing a Hotel – Phayathai Street

Phayathai Street is the street where the MBK is located and continues north to Bangkok’s famous square, Victory Monument. This is one of Bangkok’s  main streets, a bustling area but more basic and less noble and flamboyant than Sukhumvit and Silom. Tourists are familiar with this street mainly due to the popular Asia hotel and of course the MBK. As a matter of fact, the part of the street near Victory Monument attracts tourists wishing to stay in low budget affordable hotels, near the center and Sky Train that runs overhead, that are less expensive than other centrally located hotels in Bangkok.


Unlike Silom Street, which is common amongst Thai high-class and business people, this is where you will come across more students and middle-class people, who cannot afford to pay prices found on the more exclusive streets. The Victory Monument area and nearby Rang Nam Street offers plenty of restaurants serving delicious cuisine at affordable prices and hotel’s that offer a much cheaper accommodation solution than those found in the center’s most prestigious areas. Here there are many friendly pubs, popular with the young audience and veteran jazz club “Saxophone”. Near the square, just below the Sky Train is Bangkok’s central minibus station, where they regularly depart to many areas, located outside Bangkok.


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