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A Real Thai Massage in Bangkok

by Dr. David

In the Thai language, the Thai massage is called Nuet Thai or Nuet Pen Boran, which means Traditional

Thai Massage Bangkok is conducted in a method that exists for many generations. It incorporates elements from Chinese medicine and yoga –stretching and pressing on specific points, and using rhythmic moves along the body’s energy lines. The aim is to achieve relaxation alongside an improved energy flow and ultimately create a better feeling, both physically and mentally.

The Thai massage is applied on a mattress stretched on the floor or on a slightly raised surface (‘stage’), when the therapists are wearing wide, comfortable, clothes. The ideal massage duration is two hours, as the patient changes positions and postures throughout; he lies on the side, back, and stomach, and sits down. The massage usually concludes with a soothing head massage.

Ultimately, what matters is not the exclusiveness of the massage parlor, spa or center, its fancy decorations, setting or costumes – the only thing that matters is the quality of the massage treatment!!

Here I’d like to give you a small anecdote from my personal experience, as I’ve known Thailand for dozens of years.

More than 25 years ago, when I only started to know Thailand, I’ve experienced a Thai massage – like any other average tourist – and I can’t say it was a good experience. Most of my visits to massage parlors were rather unpleasant and sometimes even painful, so after some time, I decided to avoid the experience altogether, and instead, preferred to get an oily / foot massage.

10 years ago, when I met my partner, we would go together to a local massage center (not in some tourist destination). She received a Thai massage and I used to take another type of massage, because of my poor experience with Thai massage in the past. One day I decided to take another chance and try a Thai massage one more time; to my surprise, it was a great experience – a real, proper Thai massage that felt entirely different from the previous ones I had. Since then, for 10 years now, I enjoy a good, quality Thai massage 2-3 times a week.

My conclusion: once you enjoy a real Thai massage, and understand how a good, high-quality massage feels like – you no longer settle for less. Even if the setting or decoration of the site looks similar, and the therapist moves her hands the same way – the massage feels entirely different, when the service level is different.

For many years, in Bangkok and throughout our personal travels across Thailand – we’ve tried dozens if not hundreds of massage parlors – from the simplest ones to the most luxurious spas. I came to a clear, simple conclusion – despite the numerous places we’ve tried, (and the fact that there are much more) – it’s very hard to find a real, high-quality Thai massage; a place that you would like to revisit time and again. Over the years, we have been to many bad, mediocre or average massage parlors, but found very few good ones, where you can get a real, good Thai massage.

Eventually, we found 2 massage parlors that we enjoy visiting time and again: one in Soi 72 of Charoen Krung road, and the other in China town, is called Thanom Chai Aree Massage, and I’d like to briefly review it in the following lines.

Thanom Chai Aree Massage has been active for many years. It’s a humble place, yet clean, neat and air-conditioned, and you won’t find here any of the young girls who work in Sukhumvit massage parlors. Rather, the therapists here are older women with years of professional experience.

Over the years, many guests and friends have often joined our visits to Thanom Chai Aree Massage, and all of them gave us a similar feedback, saying that this

was the best, high-quality massage they ever had. One of the greatest advantages of the place is that the massage technique is similar among all the workers, and the overall level is very high, no matter who treats you.

Therefore, we’ve decided to include Thanom Chai Aree Massage as part of our private luxury tours in Bangkok, to allow our travelers a pleasant, high-quality massage experience – that they will struggle to find elsewhere, certainly on their own.

Final comment: the high-quality Thai massage that’s provided here is suitable for all ages, including children who are at least 5 years old.

My opinion: for those who want to enjoy a real, high-quality Thai massage – this is the right place. Personally, I haven’t found anywhere better than this.

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