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Bang Poo The Seagulls Beach – Bangkok

by Dr. David

Bang Poo – The Seagulls BeachSamut Prakan district is one of the most industrialized, crowded districts in Bangkok. Bang PooHowever, on the famous Sukhumvit street, you will find one of the nicest surprises in the city, which bird enthusiasts particularly adore – the seagulls beach titled Bang Poo.


The area also holds historical significance – the Japanese have landed here during World War II, only 2 hours after they attacked Pearl Harbor on December 1941.

Bang Poo functions as a holiday resort for the Thai army, yet the entrance is free for civilians including tourists, who will find here a spacious pier, various restaurants and more.

Between the months of October-June, the area is filled with thousands of seagulls from Bang Poodifferent breeds, as well as many other bird types. Thus, it becomes a real treat, and particularly, a piece of heaven for bird enthusiasts.



As plenty of seagulls gather on the shore, the children of Bangkok come here to feed them. The seagulls catch the food (which is thrown their way) while they fly, and thus offer a spectacular view for the visitors.

There is no need to bring food, as you can buy bags of seagulls’ food on-site, for a very cheap price.

Bang Poo seagulls beach is located very close to various attractions including the 3-headed Bang Pooelephant temple (Erawan Museum), the ancient City (Mueang Boran), the crocodile farm and zoo, the biggest reclining Buddha in Bangkok (‪Wat Bang Phli Yai Klang), Bang Nam phueng floating market and many other interesting sites.


As I have previously mentioned, the recommended season is between October-June, and I advise you to come after 4 PM, when you can enjoy the pleasant sea breeze. After your visit to the pier, you can sit down and enjoy a nice dinner in one of the lovely restaurants on the beach, while watching the beautiful sunset over Bangkok.


Directions: take the Skytrain until it reaches the last stop at Samut Prakan, and from there continue with a taxi. The place is located just a few kilometers after the Ancient City (Muang Boran)

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Here you can see a video I took in order to give you a glimpse of the atmosphere in the place.


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