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Health Land Asoke Road – Massage & Spa

by Dr. David

Health Land Asoke Road Massage & Spa  ,  Health Land is a good, decent, tidy and beautiful spa chain. Despite the branches’ luxurious appearance, the prices are rather humble, even when compared to simpler places in tourist spots.

Here I must pause to state that usually, places that are located outside tourist spots will probably offer lower prices and higher quality standards as they serve regular clients rather than random tourists who get there by chance. This is true for restaurants, shops, massage parlors and many other attractions. However, unlike a restaurant, which will be visited by Bangkok residents from various parts of the city and is thus known to most taxi drivers– a local massage parlor serves the neighborhood residents, and taxi drivers who do not know the area, surely won’t know the place. Therefore, unlike my other recommendations on this site regarding shops, restaurants, markets etc. located outside tourist areas – here I will only recommend massage parlors in areas that are easily accessible, known to tourists and popular among them.

Years ago, I’ve tried 2 other branches of Health land Asok , on Sathorn street and Ekamai street (out of 7 branches which operate in Bangkok), but to be honest, I was slightly disappointed – even though it might be unfair to compare them to a good neighborhood massage parlor. However, the Health Land Asoke branch is relatively new and makes a far better impression. The place is elegant, clean and tidy, the service is kind and professional, the massage quality is pleasing and the prices are relatively low – 250 baht for a one-hour foot massage and 250 baht for a two-hour Thai massage (a lower price than in humbler, common places).

In conclusion: when comparing Health Land Asoke to simple massage parlors scattered all around tourist areas – the Health Land is an excellent choice, certainly in terms of service and price.

Health Land Asoke Opening Hours: 9 AM – midnight (the last appointment for Thai massage can be booked to 9:30 PM)

Health Land Asoke Location: Asoke road, soi 1 (very close to Sukhumvit/Asoke intersection)

Directions: if you take the BTS Skytrain, you should get off at Asoke, head north in Asoke road (soi 21) or Sukhumvit (soi 19) for some 500 meters, until you arrive at the first alley that crosses these paths (Asoke soi 1). If you went through soi 19, turn right and you’ll see Health Land some 50 minutes away, on the northern sidewalk; if you went through Asoke – turn right, pass by Big Mama (an excellent Italian restaurant) and you’ll see Health Land some 50 meters away.

If you get there by taxi, tell the driver that your destination is Health Land Asoke, or show him the following address: เฮลท์แลนด์   สาขา อโศก  สุขุมวิท 21

For your convenience, I’m attaching a link to Health Land Asoke homepage as well as a short clip.


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