Platinum Fashion Mall

Platinum Fashion Mall

by Dr. David


Platinum Fashion Mall is a large relatively new, 6-storey air-conditioned building with numerous of small shops mainly selling women’s clothing, shoes, handbags and fashion accessories. Some shops also sell clothing for men, children and infants as well as shops selling souvenirs and the like.

This is not a shopping center in the ordinary sense of the word, such as Paragon, Central, MBK and others where you can find a huge selection of shops selling different things, restaurants, cafes etc.  Here you can only find stores related to fashion, be it clothing, shoes, bags or other various fashion products.

As I said – this is a relatively new air-conditioned building, except the basement floor and each floor is named after renowned worldwide shopping havens, Camden, Oxford or SoHo, Ginza and Nathan.

The first 5 floors are full of shops selling clothing and fashion products. The 5th floor is mainly dedicated to children and infants whilst the 6th floor offers a fantastic food court offering a variety of international cuisine.

Stores sell wholesale but also individual items and usually you will see two prices, one with a wholesale price and the other the price for buying a single item. If you buy 3 items or more, you will get the wholesale price.

The size of the Platinum Fashion Mall is enormous and in order to see most of the shops you need time and patience.

Remember, you won’t find brand names here, mainly local brands, products and imports from the surrounding countries. Prices are cheap but the quality is the same!

You also need to take in to account that there are no fitting rooms so you will need to guess a bit and it is impossible to know if the clothes you buy will actually fit! It is better to focus on items that the size does not really matter, such as T-shirts, handbags and various fashion accessories.

The reason I emphasize this is because prices are so cheap and the temptation to buy is so great, however you may find yourself disappointed gazing at a wardrobe of items that don’t “really” fit or are of low quality or end up using them as dusters!!

So – my advice is not to rush to buy everything in sight, but take your time and try to find items that you are sure about their size before you find yourself drowning in useless items…..and believe me if you are not careful that’s what happens to even the most “professional” shopper when visiting here!!!!

Be ready and willing to dedicate at least 4 hours of your holiday when visiting here, wear comfortable shoes, bring a pocket full of cash and a plenty of patience. In the meantime, you can send you husband and sons (if you do not need them to cart around your purchases), to the nearby Pantip Mall that sells all the latest gadgets and computers, located just 300 meters away.

During late afternoon and on weekends the Platinum Mall is flooded with teenagers, those who work nearby and Thais who come to hang out and maybe find a bargain.  It is highly recommended to steer clear from visiting Platinum during these times unless you feel like elbowing your way around corridors to get to the shops!

The best times to visit are midweek and during the morning when shopping is much more comfortable.  Since these stores are wholesale you will come across many Thais hauling large bags on trolleys that belong to small shop owners and traders in Bangkok and its surroundings,  who also come to shop here. If you plan to do lots of shopping, it is highly suggested to bring a large bag on wheels, which is much more convenient than trying to haul around lots of small plastic bags.


To sum it up – this is a woman’s paradise! Full of schmattes but also many great fashion items. The only thing you need is strength, patience and a little cash in your pocket. Don’t forget that low prices means lower to mediocre quality and do not be tempted to buy beyond what you really need.

Opening times: Weekdays – 9:00 to 20:00. Saturday and Sunday – 8:00 to 8:00 p.m.

How to get there: There is no Sky Train station close by, the nearest one is Chitlom . There you have to get off, cross the road and walk along the sidewalk of Central World. Cross a small bridge over the rather smelly San Saep canal and at the junction, turn left and you are there.Platinum Fashion Mall

You can of course take a taxi but don’t forget that Bangkok is known for its traffic congestion and multiple traffic jams so try to escape before 15:30.

Name in Thai (to show the taxi driver) – แพลตตินั่ม

Take a look at this video intended to try to give you a slight clue of the atmosphere and what awaits you at Platinum and its surroundings.

Have Fun  !!



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