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K Village Bangkok Shopping Center

by Dr. David


K Village is one of Bangkok’s newest shopping centers, built according to a relatively new K Village Bangkoktrend in Bangkok that you can read about in this article of CNNGO. Instead of monstrously huge shopping centers, modern, small and intimate “Lifestyle” shopping centers, similar to J Avenue on Tonglor street, Villa Market across from Ari street and many others that have sprung up.   K Village serves as a meeting place and entertainment venue for both locals and foreigners living in the area who often  tend to meet up at “Wine Connection” bistro.



K Village consists of two buildings connected by bridges and the patio area between them K Village Bangkokturns into a trendy Beer Garden in the evening, sometimes holding markets and exhibitions. There are plenty of fine restaurants including Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Western along with a selection of coffee shops, ice cream parlors a superb supermarket etc.  the complex also offers a spa, hair salons, specialty shops such as the renowned Japanese Daiso store and boutiques.



If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of tourists and want to get K Village Bangkokacquainted with Bangkok resident’ lifestyle, a visit here is for a couple of hours is highly recommended. More details on K Village as well as information on special events held can be found on the K Village website homepage.




Opening Hours: Daily and most businesses are open until 22:00. There are restaurants that operate till 01:00.

Location : The K Village is located in Soi 26 , Sukhumvit. You wil need to walk a bit as it is actually located down an alley and further towards the end of the street that connects to Rama 4 (parallel to the southern side of Sukhumvit).

How To Get There : During rush hour take the Sky Train to Phrom Phong station and from there a short taxi ride. A few hundred meters along Soi 26 the road twists to the left, (you’ll see the hotel Four Wings) then a short twist to the right and K Village is on the left, just before the connection to Soi Rama 4. During the rest of the day, it’s recommended to take a taxi directly , show the taxi driver this address:K Village Bangkok

 เค วิลเลจ สุขุมวิท 26 ด้านหลัง บิ๊กซี พระรามสี่ ใกล้ตึกช่อง 3 เข้าได้จากทั้งถนนสุขุมวิท 26 และทาง



Have Fun !


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