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Central Chitlom  – Bangkok and Thailand’s Best Department Store

by Dr. David

Central Chitlom: The “Central”  Department Store chain as the largest in Thailand and has hundreds of branches. The stores are classed as Bangkok “anchor” stores in many of the main shopping centers such as Central World and others.

Central Chitlom is the chain’s “flagship” store and,  as it spreads out over 8 floors,  is also the largest, selling the store’s largest selection of all its products. The maternity department that caters for, pregnant women and baby equipment has the largest selection you will find in Thailand so I have also posted this article in the “Thailand Children” section on this site.

I’d like to emphasize that Central Chitlom is NOT a shopping center, you won’t find massages, hair salons and optometrist optics and so on. It’s a department store with three floors of high-quality men’s and women’s fashion for women and men in a variety of the highest quality and many other departments selling footwear, handbags, sports equipment, toys, kitchenware, gifts and more.

As I mentioned, the baby department is the largest and most sophisticated Thailand with nursing rooms, children’s play areas, and all necessary equipment and accessories.

Additionally, Central Chitlom has a fantastic supermarket that’s great to take a wander around to see (and taste) a variety of foods. Also, a selection of coffee shops and restaurants can be found on different floors.

The Food Loft is something not to be missed here. A unique and ultra-modern food court, the like of such you have most probably never seen before. Food Loft offers numerous cuisine options and sectioned out according to the style of food offering exceptionally delicious and inexpensive dining options.

Tourists receive a 5% discount in addition to various sales and promotions on offer from time to time. If you buy over a certain amount, the staff will gladly fill in VAT refund forms for you (7%) that you can receive at the airport before you leave Thailand.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

How to get there: The store is conveniently directly connected to Chitlom Sky Train.

* Tip – If you have bought gifts (no matter where) and you want to impress with a beautiful gift box or wrapping, just bring it along with you to Central Chitlom where, for a small fee, staff will wrap your gifts in a unique and charming style as you’ve never seen back home. They will gift-wrap anything and there is no obligation to buy at the department store.


Have Fun !!!


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