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German Tawandang Beer Hall

by Dr. David

German Tawandang Beer Hall  ,  The renowned German Tawandang Beer Hall is one of the most famous beer houses in Beer HallBangkok. The place provides beer enthusiasts with the ultimate combination for a fun night out – a beer brewery, a fine restaurant and a lively club – that can host over 1,500 visitors. Over the weekends, the place is packed full, and despite its large size, you’ll struggle to find an available table unless you have booked your place in advance. At the entrance, you’ll find a big board, and if you’re supposed to meet friends there, the waiter will write your name and table number on the board and lead your friends to the table once they get there.



The German Tawandang offers a wide selection of beers and drinks, along with a variety of Beer HallThai and western foods. Every night, at 9 PM, the place hosts an impressive performance by singers and dancers, mainly displaying Isan folklore. After the show, the house bands and singers take center stage to enthuse the audience with the best Thai pop hits. As the evening turns into night, things heat up, while beer and whiskey flow like water. Enthusiastic locals and even waitresses join the performers by singing along, dancing and cheering.

Most of the crowd consists of locals, although lately quite a few foreigners started visiting the place. They are greeted very warmly and immediately engage in the joyful experience. Don’t be surprised if some locals at the tables nearby will approach you to engage in a nice conversation, invite you to toast and dance with them.

The German Tawandang is a great place to celebrate birthdays in a nice, Thai atmosphere. If upon entering, you’ll inform the host that you are celebrating your birthday, at a certain point during the evening, you’ll find yourself surrounded by huge banners when all band members, singers and even waitresses, stand by and sing Happy Birthday to you.

In Bangkok, you’ll find 2 branches of German Tawandang – one on Ramintra street which is very distant from the center, and the other very close to the center, on Rama 3/Naratiwat corner. There is no entrance fee, and you will only pay regular restaurant prices for foods and drinks.

Opening Hours: every evening from 8 PM to 1 AM

Directions: you can easily get to German Tawandang by using public transportation. Take the Skytrain Silom Line and get off at Chong Nonsi station, where there is a direct link to the BRT – the new, modern bus line, which drives on an exclusive route at the center of the road and is thus free of traffic jams. You should get off at Narama 3 (the 4th stop on your way), and the German Tawandang will be right next to the stop. If you are using the BTS SmartPass, it’ll also serve you for the BRT ride (which costs 10 baht).

Beer HallIf you decided to get there by taxi (some 15-20 minutes’ drive from Asoke/Sukhumvit intersection), please make sure to tell the taxi driver that you want to get to German Tawandang on Rama 3 street, otherwise you might find yourself at the second, very remote branch.





Show the following address to the taxi driver: โรงเบียร์เยอรมันตะวันแดง สาขา พระราม 3

For your convenience, here is a link to the German Tawandang website

FWY: TipTop-Travel Private Family Adventure Tours includes the German Tawandangbeer beer hall in our Bangkok evening tour programs, as part of Bangkok Nightlife program.

**The last song on the clip I took (which all the locals knew by heart and cheerfully sing along) is called แพ้ใจ – Phae Jai; it is a popular song which is loved by all.


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