Madam Saranair

by Dr. David

Madam Saranair  , This good, pleasant Thai restaurant is located at the very heart of Bangkok’s most crowded tourist area, a short distance from Sukhumvit/Asoke intersection. One of the restaurant owners also owns a next-door Italian restaurant called ‘Big Mama’. In case you were wondering – Saranair (=Thai for spearmint) is Thai slang for a nosy woman, who needs to mind her own business, but is well into others’…

The restaurant has a humble, yet tasteful design, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. It offers several tables outside, in a small garden with tropical plants (which is good for the smokers among us). When I last visited there, I got to see quite a few local customers, which is hardly a typical thing for tourist-packed restaurants. The prices are reasonable and rather close to those you will find in non-tourist restaurants.

The menu offers mostly local cuisines with a hint of fusion. The Thai chef is also one of the owners. From what I’ve tasted, I got the impression that the food is less spicy than in Thai restaurants which mostly serve locals (in non-tourist areas). However, it doesn’t harm the dishes and the food is still delicious.           In the attached picture, you can see an eggplant and shrimps dish – which I thought was very good.Thai restaurant

Opening Hours: like many Thai restaurants, Madam Saranair closes relatively early, so you should get there no later than 9 PM.

Directions: the restaurant is on Asoke soi 1 (practically in front of Health-Land). If you are taking the Skytrain (Asoke station) or underground, simply walk from Sukhumvit/Asoke intersection some 500 meters on Asoke street (take the left sidewalk). You should pass by the Millennium hotel (across the street) until you reach the alley (Asoke soi 1). Turn left, and the restaurant will be a couple of meters from the corner.

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