Good View Restaurant

by Dr. David

Good View Restaurant, This nice restaurant by the river, is located at the curve of Chao Phraya, some 25 minutes’ away from Sukhumvit (by taxi/car), in the southern part of Bangkok’s center. The restaurant is neatly designed, yet its style is hardly pompous. It offers a big sitting area outside by the river, and closed air-conditioned space with a bar and live music inside. The Good View Restaurant menu is mostly based on Thai food, but there is also a small selection of western dishes here.

Good View Restaurant

The Good View Restaurant features:

Type: a river restaurant

Food: mostly Thai

English Menus: available

Price level: medium (300-500 baht per guest)

Pre-ordering your table: unnecessary

Opening Hours: 5 PM – 1 AM

Arrival: by taxi

Address and phone number: 2525 Charoen Krung Rd., Bangkholaem Bangkok –  Tel :02-6891393-7

2525 ถ.เจริญกรุง แขวง/เขต บางคอแหลม จ.กรุงเทพฯ ประเทศไทย

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