Thai Roti (Banana roti)

by Dr. David

Thai Roti (Banana roti) ,  Roti – โรตี

The roti is a Thai pancake whose origins are Muslim/Indian. After it was brought to Thailand, it became very popular. The dish resembles the Indian paratha and Malayan Roti Canai, and you won’t be able to find it in restaurants, but only in food stands and markets.

Thai Banana roti

Some tourists are immediately fond of the Thai kitchen and its unique (and excellent) flavors, and others find it hard to connect with. Yet it is safe to say that all tourists like Banana Roti. It comes with various fillings, and you can choose whichever you prefer: egg, banana, mango, peanut butter and even curry spreads of various sorts, but I strongly believe that Banana Roti is the tourists’ favorite.



The roti is made of thin dough which is fried in butter (on a hot plate). The dough is folded, fried to the point of slight singeing from all its sides, and then decked with sweet milk. The roti can be served rolled and wrapped

Thailand Street Food - Banana Roti

Thailand Street Food – Banana Roti

in paper or cut and placed on a paper plate.

I’m attaching a recipe for home-made roti, but please note that the secret of making a good roti is in the very thin dough – whose preparation is -in itself- a certain type of art. In the following clip, you’ll see the preparation process as I captured in a food stand at Saphan Phut night market.

Bon appetit!







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